Horst Ueberhorst Addresses

The Horst Ueberhorst Addresses honours annually the nestor of European sport history whose seminal six volume world history of physical education and sport showed that it was possible to bring together the best sport historians from around the globe. The series of lectures was initiated in the presence of Prof. Dr. Horst Ueberhorst who was an honorary Fellow of CESH. Horst Ueberhorst passed away on 19 December 2010.


Horst Ueberhorst Memorial Addresses (since 2013):

  • 2021 (15 Sept): Prof. Barbara Keys (UK), Durham University: ‘The Olympic Games and Human Rights: An Inflection Point?
  • 2019 (13 Sept): Prof. Paul Christesen, Darmouth College (USA): ‘Body Over Mind: Sport as Education in Ancient Greece’
  • 2018 (29 Oct): Prof. Dave Day (UK), MMU: ‘Patrimonial Dynamics and British Sports Coaching: A Century of Intangible Cultural Heritage’
  • 2017 (7 Dec): Sébastien Darbon (CNRS Bordeaux): ‘Diffusion des sports : quelle place pour l’anthropologie ?’
  • 2016 (7 Sept): Prof. Wray Vamplew (UK), Stirling Uni.: ‘Promotion, Products and (Possibly) Profits: Sports Entrepreneurship Revisited’
  • 2015 (23 Oct): Prof. Teresa Gonzalez Aja (Spain), INEF Madrid: « The bulls ‘corrida’: driver for development or for regression? »
  • 2014 (16 Oct): Prof. Wolfgang Decker (Germany), Deutsche Sporthochschule Köln: « The Greek Gymnasion » (address given in Modern Greek)
  • 2013: Dr. Angela Teja (Italy), SISS: « La educación física y el deporte en la escuela italiana, una crisis sin resolver”

Horst Ueberhorst Honorary Addresses (1997-2009):

  • 2009: Prof. John Hoberman (USA), University of Texas, Austin: “The Limits of the Athletic Body: Is there a ‘Physiological Penalty’ for High Performance? »
  • 2008: Prof. Bernard Woltmann (Poland)
  • 2007: Prof. Claus Tiedemann (Germany): « Sport and Art(s) – a conceptual discussion and proposition »
  • 2006: Prof. Ingomar Weiler (Austria)
  • 2005: Prof. Fernando Garcia Romero (Spain)
  • 2004: Prof. Teresa Gonzalez Aja (Spain)
  • 2003: Prof. Wolfgang Decker (Germany)
  • 2002: Dr. Joachim K. Rühl (Germany): « Sport and Ideology: Elite Schools for future German Leaders from 1933 to 1945 »
  • 2001: Prof. Robert K. Barney (Canada): « The Rise and Demise of the German-American Turnverein Movement« 
  • 2000: Prof. Arnd Krüger (Germany): « Primeras fuentes impresas sobre natación« 
  • 1999: Prof. James Riordan (UK): « Culture, Sport and the 21st Century »
  • 1998: Prof. Patricia Vertinsky (Canada): « Gender Relations, Physical Education and Sport History: Is It Time for a Collaborative Research Agenda? »
  • 1997: Prof. George Eisen (USA): « Jews in Sports. A century in retrospect«