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European Studies in Sports History (ESSH)

Scientific journal of CESH

European Studies in Sports History is a peer-reviewed scientific journal. It is published by the European Committee for Sports History (CESH) and welcomes articles on the history of sport and physical activity in all European languages.

From 2000 to 2005 the journal was published in Germany by NISH with the title Annual of CESH. Some of the issues are available on this website.

In 2008 and 2009, European Studies in Sports History was published in Italy by Lancillotto & Nausica. Since 2010 the journal has been published in France with Rouen and Le Havre University Press (PURH).

ESSH is recognised by the French assessment body AERES and by the Italian ANVUR.

ESSH is now ranked Q1 in SCImago portal!

ESSH editorial team (2021-2025):

Editorial board:

Editor-in-chief: Prof. Daphné BOLZ – University of Rouen (France)

Honorary Editor: Prof. Arnd KRÜGER – University of Göttingen (Germany)


– Prof. Evangelos ALBANIDIS – University of Thrace (Greece)
– Dr. Eleonora BELLONI – University of Siena (Italy)
– Prof. Mike HUGGINS – University of Cumbria (UK)
– Prof. Dilwyn PORTER – De Montfort University, Leicester (UK)
– Prof. Xavier PUJADAS – Ramon Llull University, Barcelona (Spain)

Scientific Committee

Dr. Florence Carpentier, University of Rouen Normandy (France)

Prof. Patrick Clastres, Lausanne University (Switzerland)

Prof. Dave Day, Manchester Metropolitan University (UK)

Prof. Fernando García Romero, Universidad Compultense Madrid (Spain)

Prof. Annette Hofmann, Pedagogical University, Ludwigsburg (Germany)

Dr. Rahul Kumar, Lisbon New University (Portugal)

Dr. Enrico Landoni, Università degli Studi eCampus , Milan (Italy)

Prof. John McClelland, University of Toronto (Canada)

Prof. Swantje Scharenberg, Karlsruhe Technical University (Germany)

Dr. Daniele Serapiglia, Universidad Compultense Madrid (Spain)

Dr. Juan Antonio Simon Sanjurjo, Politechnic University, Madrid (Spain)

Dr. Kenth Sjöblom, International Council of Archives, Helsinki (Finland)

Dr. Angela Teja, Rome (Italy)

Prof. Patricia Vertinsky, University of British Columbia (Canada)

Dr. Alex Viuda Serrano, Alcala University, Madrid (Spain)

Prof. Ying WuShanley, Penn State University (USA)

Manuscripts, book reviews and enquiries

should be sent to: Dr. Daniele Serapiglia

 Documents to be sent IN ENGLISH with the article

  • Abstract of the article: 100-150 words (Please don’t forget to translate the title!)
  • 3-5 keywords
  • Biography of the author: 20-50 words

ESSH instructions

At the end of your article, please list your references using the below categories:
– Bibliography
– Printed Sources
– Archives

ESSH – ENGLISH 2016.07.09





ESSH – Previous issues and flyers:

The issues of the Annual of CESH are available for free on this webpage.

European Studies in Sports History, vol. 1 (2008), vol. 2.1 (2009) and vol. 2.2 (2009). To acquire these volumes, please contact Daphné Bolz.

Volume 3, 2010: Flyer ESSH 3

Volume 4, 2011: Flyer ESSH 4

Volume 5, 2012: Flyer ESSH 5

Volume 6, 2013: Flyer ESSH 6

Volume 7, 2014 (Special issue: Organising the Olympic Games in the 20th Century): Flyer ESSH 7

Volume 8, 2015: Flyer ESSH 8

Volume 9, 2016: Flyer ESSH. 9

Volume 10, 2017 (Special issue: Workers’ sport organizations.
Territories and Metamorphoses in the 20th and 21st centuries): Flyer ESSH 10

Volume 11, 2018 (Special issue: Sport and Graphic Novels in Europe): FlyerESSH.Vol11.2018

Volume 12, 2019: published

Volume 13, 2020: Flyer ESSH 13

Volume 14, 2021 (Special issue: Youth and Physical Education) : Flyer ESSH 14

Volume 15, 2022: Flyer ESSH 15

Volume 16, 2023: in preparation

Volume 17, 2024: in preparation

Volume 18, 2025: in preparation