What is CESH ?

CESH had 3 forerunners: in 1991 a “Working Group Sport History” was inaugurated at the 1st Forum of the European Network of Sport Science Institutes of Higher Education in Lisbon, which was followed by a “Section Sport History” at the 2nd Forum in Cologne in the year 1993, and a “Committee for Sport History” in 1995 shortly before the 3rd Forum in Bordeaux. CESH was officially founded at the 3rd Forum under the name “European Committee for Sport History” one day before the European College of Sport Science (ECSS), similar to which it became independent.

CESH coordinates European projects on the history of physical education and sport to assure a better European and international cooperation. In particular, it helps in the exchange of ideas, students and staff between European universities, to assure a high standard of teaching in sport history, help young scholars in developing a European dimension of their work and prepare a European doctorate in sport history. CESH was an educational partner of the “European Year of Education Through Sport 2004” (http://www.eyes-2004.info/153.0.html). During the General Assemblies in Seville 2005 and in Vienna 2006 the official name of CESH was changed into European Committee for Sports History.

List of Presidents, Secretaries, Treasurers and Auditors of CESH (1995-today):

Presidenti / Presidents:

Daphné Bolz (2021-2025)

Mike Huggins (2017-2021)

Evangelos Albanidis (2013-2017)

Jean-François Loudcher (2009-2013)

Stephan Wassong (2007-2009)

Angela Teja (2005-2007)

James Riordan (2003-2005)

Teresa Gonzalez Aja (2001-2003)

Joachim Rühl (1999-2001)

Wray Vamplew (1997-1999)

Arnd Krüger (1995-1997)

Segretari / general Secretaries:

Florence Carpentier (2021-2025)

Alejandro de la Viuda-Serrano (2017-2021)

Daphné Bolz (2009-2017)

Patrick Stumm (2005-2009)

Stephan Wassong (2003-2005)

Angela Teja (1999-2003)

Joachim Rühl (1995-1998)

 Tesorieri / Treasuresr:

Daniele Serapiglia (2021-2025)

Denias Jallat (2017-2021)

Alejandro de la Viuda Serrano (2010-2017)

Salavatore Finocchiaro (2009-2010)

Thomas Zawadzki (2003-2009)

Stephan Wassong (2001-2002)

Norbert Hölting (1999-2000)

Joachim Rühl (1995-1998)


Juan Antonio Simon Sanjurjo (in office 2025-2029)

Revisori dei conti / Auditors :

André Gounot and Alejandro Viuda-Serrano (2021-2022)

Gherardo Bonini and Christodoulos Faniopoulos (2018-2021)

Arnd Krüger and Dilwyn Porter (2016-2018)

Nikos Kameas and Evangelia Vouzanidou (2015-2016)

Mike Huggins and Evangelia Vouzanidou (2014-2015)

Denis Jallat and Mike Huggins (2013-2014)

Christodoulos Faniopoulos and Denis Jallat (2011-2013)

Claus Tiedemann and Christodoulos Faniopoulos (2010-2011)

Gigliola Gori and Claus Tiedemann (2009-2010)

Christian Vivier and Evangelos Albanidis (2003-2008)

Marcello Marchioni and Christian Vivier (2001-2003)

Marcello Marchioni and Uriel Simri (2000)

Salvatore Finocchiaro and Marcello Marchioni (1998-1999)

Per Jørgensen (1996-1997)

National Sections

The CESH statutes foresee the possibility to organise national sections and working groups:
“10. National sections and working groups
By a request to the Directing Council of at least three CESH members, it is possible to organise National Sections and Working Groups. They shall present each year to the Directing Council an account of their work. These national sections shall be accredited by the General Assembly.”
“8.4. Members, who are members of CESH and a national section which is accredited by CESH shall be assessed a reduced percentage of the annual dues.”

List of national sections of CESH:
– Italy: Società Italiana di Storia dello Sport (SISS): www.storiasport-siss.it

(announcement of the creation of the Italian section: Cliosport 1997/12)