The annual membership fee for CESH is currently 35 EUR. Registered students and unwaged pay 15 EUR (please send a copy of your student card to the treasurer if you qualify). From 2018, retired scholars pay 25 EUR.

Please use this form to register: 2023TreasuryMembershipForm

Participation to CESH congresses & General Assembly

Scholars must be CESH members for the current year to participate in the CESH congresses.

Once you have paid your annual membership fee, the treasurer will send or give you a receipt which you will need for voting in the General Assembly.


The CESH journal: ESSH

CESH members get a free copy of each issue of European Studies in Sports History (for the year they have paid their fees).


Please pay your fee at the beginning of each calendar year!


CESH’s bank account

Membership fees and payments for the academic journal may be paid into the following euro bank account located in France:

IBAN (International Bank Account Number): FR76 1027 8085 9000 0203 7760 123

BIC (Bank Identifier Code) (sometimes also called SWIFT code): CMCIFR2A


Please also confirm and detail the payments you made into this account with a short email to Treasurer Daniele Serapiglia ( and to General Secretary Florence Carpentier (

Please do not use this account to pay registration or fees for congress – contact the organisers who have a special account for that.