National & International Organisations

SISS: Società Italiana di Storia dello Sport (National Section of CESH)

SFHS: Société française d’histoire du sport (Institutional Member of CESH)

BSSH: British Society of Sports Historians

SUHS: Finnish Society for Sport History

NASSH: North American Society for Sport History

ISHPES: International Society for the History of Physical Education and Sport

ASSH: Australian Society for Sport History


University Institutes and Centres for Olympic Studies

ICSHC (International Centre for Sport History and Culture), De Montfort University Leicester (UK)

Institut für Sportgeschichte – DSHS, Cologne (DT)

Sport and Leisure History Cluster, Manchester Metropolitan University, Crewe (UK)

Global Sport and Olympic Studies Centre, Université de Lausanne (Switzerland)


IOC Olympic Studies Centre (OSC), Lausanne (Switzerland)

Centro de Estudios Olímpicos (CEO), Barcelona (ESP)

LA84, Los Angeles (USA)

ICOS: International Center for Olympic Studies at Western University (CAN)


Libraries & Archives

Zentralbibliothek der Sportwissenschaft – DSHS, Cologne (DT)

LA84 Digital Library, Los Angeles (USA)

Biblioteca Sportiva Nazionale, Rome (IT)

GIH Library, Stockholm (SUE)

Archives nationales du monde du travail, Roubaix (FR)


Academic Sports History Journals

European Studies in Sports History, Europe

Sport in History, UK

The International Journal of the History of Sport , UK

Journal of Sport History, USA

Sciences sociales et sport, FR

Storia dello Sport. Rivista di Studi Contemporanei, Italy

Lancillotto e Nausica. Critica e storia dello sport, Italy

Materiales para la Historia del Deporte, Spain

Olympika, Canada

Sporting Traditions, Australia



Association for the Study of Sport and European Union

Lower Saxony Institute of Sport History (NISH) Niedersächsisches Institut für Sportgeschichte Hoya e. V.