CESH Congresses


Academic colleagues interested in hosting an international CESH congress should contact the members of the Directing Council of CESH well in advance.

Main guidelines for congress organisation:


No professional event organisers, please.

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25th International CESH Congress, 21-23 September 2022, in Bucharest/Romania: « Competition and collaboration in sport and physical education from Antiquity to Modern times »

Contact: Pompiliu-Nicolae CONSTANTIN

Congress Programme: CESH Congress 2022 Programme

Twitter: #cesh2022


24th International Joint CESH/ISHPES Congress, 14-16 September 2021, in Lisbon/Portugal: « Sport and Politics from Antiquity to the Modern Day »

Contact: Daniele Serapiglia & Rahul Kumar

Congress Programme: CESH-ISHPES-2021_programme

Twitter: #cesh_ishpes2021


23rd International CESH Congress, 29-31 Sepember 2019, in Lausanne/Switzerland: « Youth, Youngsters and from Antiquity to the Modern Day »

Contact: Patrick Clastres

Congress Programme: CESH2019_Booklet-compressé-1

Twitter: #cesh2019


22nd International CESH Congress, 29-31 October 2018, in Bordeaux/France: « Sport Heritage and Patrimonial Dynamics »

Contact: Jean-François Loudcher

Congress Programme: Programme-17

Congress webpage: http://www.colloque-bordeaux2018.eu

Twitter: #cesh2018


21st International CESH Congress, 7-9 December 2017, in Strasbourg/France: « Cultural Transfers and Cultural Mediators in Sport. The Diffusion of Sport in Europe: Origins and Perspectives »

Contact: Jean Saint-Martin, Denis Jallat

Congress Programme: CESH2017_Programme-v6N&B

Congress webpage: http://www.cesh2017.unistra.fr

Twitter: #cesh2017


20th International CESH Congress, 5-7 September 2016, in Leicester/UK

Contact: Martin Polley, James Panter, Daphné Bolz

Congress webpage: Leicester 2016

Twitter: #cesh2016


19th International CESH Congress, 22-24 Oct 2015, in Florence/Italy: « Sport as a Key Driver for Development in Historical Perspective »

Contact: Marcello Marchioni

Congress Programme: ProgrammaCESH2015

Congress webpage: http://www.cesh2015florence.it/


18th International CESH Congress, 16-18 Oct 2014, in Edessa/Greece: « Sports and Education from Antiquity to Modern Times »

Contact: Christodoulos Faniopoulos, Evangelos Albanidis

Congress Programme: 2014_cesh_edessa_greece


17th International CESH Congress, 21-23 Nov 2013, in Barcelona/Spain: « Sport in Times of Crisis »

Contact: Xavier Pujadas

Congress programme: programa_final


16th International CESH Congress, 12-16 Oct 2011, in Estoril/Portugal: « Sport and Tourism »

Contact: Manuela Hasse

Congress flyer: Cartaz_FINAL_CESH

Congress programme: ceshprogram


15th International CESH Congress, 23-25 Sept 2010, in Monastir/Tunisia: “Olympic Myth and Sports Heroes”

Contact: Jean-François Loudcher

International congress proceedings as CD: A. Viuda-Serrano, J.-F. Loudcher & A. Elloumi (eds.), Proceedings XV International CESH Congress, Monastir (Tunisia) 23-25 September 2010, Madrid, CESH & Universidad Camilo José Cela (ISBN: 978-84-616-7253-0).


14th International CESH Congress, 17-19 Sept 2009, in Pisa/Italy: “Corpo e senso del limite”

International Congress Proceedings as CD: Hannover, NISH, 2014 (ISBN: 978-3-932423-38-3).

Contact: Angela Teja

Congress programme: ProgrammeCESH2009Pisa


13th International CESH Congress 2008 in Gorzow Wlkp. Poland: « Transnational Aspects of European Sport History »

International Congress Proceedings. Gorzów 2008
Contact: Thomas Jurek


12th International CESH Congress, 19-22 Sept 2007, in Lorient (Brittany), France: « Sport and the Arts: Construction and Reality »

International Congress Proceedings: DANIEL Laurent (dir.), L’Art et le sport. Actes du XIIe colloque international du Comité européen pour l’histoire des sport, tome 1 & tome 2, Biarritz, Atlantica, 2009. (ISBN: 978-2-75880159-7)
Contact: Laurent Daniel

Congress programme: Programme FRANCAIS


11th International CESH Congress 2006: Vienna, Austria: « Sport and the Construction of Identities »

International Congress Proceedings: Bettina KRATZMÜLLER et al., Sport and the Construction of Identities, Vienna (Austria), Turia + Kant, 2007. (ISBN: 978-3-85132-494-5)
Contact: Bettina Kratzmueller


10th International CESH Congress 2005: Sevilla, Spain: « Sport and Violence »

Organizer: Juan Carlos Fernandez Truan
Contact: jcfertru@upo.es

International congress proceedings: CESH, Sport and Violence, Sevilla, Edition Universidad Pablo de Olavide, 2006. (ISBN: 978-84-608-0476-5)


9th International CESH Congress 2004: Crotone, Italy: « Sport and Culture »

International Congress Proceedings:

Angela TEJA, Fernando GACIA ROMERO, Santino MARIANO, Daphné BOLZ., Sport e Culture, vol. 1: Età antica, Calopezzati (Italy), Edizioni del Convento, 2005. (ISBN: 88-7862-004-1)

Arnd KRÜGER, James RIORDAN, Sport e Culture, vol. 2: Età moderna e contemporanea, Calopezzati (Italy), Edizioni del Convento, 2005. (ISBN: 88-7862-003-3)

Contact: Angela Teja


8th Congress 2003: Olympia, Greece: « Ancient and Modern Olympic Games: their Political and Cultural Dimensions »

International Congress Proccedings. Ancient Olympia 2003
Contact: cesh2003@phyed.duth.gr


7th Congress 2002: Besancon, France: « Sport and Ideology »

International Congress Proceedings. Besancon 2002
Contact: Jean-Francois Loudcher

International Congress Proceedings:

– Paul Dietschly, Christian Vivier, Jean-François Loudcher, Jean-Nicolas Renaud (ed.), Sport et idéologie / Sport and Ideology, tome I: Session spéciale olympique / Special Olympic Session, Besançon, Université de de Franche-Comté, 2003.

– Jean-François Loudcher, Christian Vivier, Paul Dietschy, Jean-Nicolas Renaud (ed.), Sport et idéologie / Sport and Ideology, tome II, Besançon, Université de Franche-Comté, 2003. (ISBN: 2-9421721-0-2)


6th Congress 2001: Gottingen, Germany: « Transition in Sports History: Continuity and Changes »

Contact: A. Krueger

KRÜGER Arnd, BUSS Wolfgang (editors), Transformations: Continuity and Change in Sport History, Vol. I & Vol. II, Hoya, NISH, 2002. (Vol. 1. ISBN 3-932423-11-9; Vol. 2 ISBN 3-932423-12-7)


5th Congress 2000: Madrid, Spain: « Sport in the Written Word (Ancient and Modern, Literature and Poetry) »

Contact: Teresa Gonzalez Aja

International Congress Proceedings: Teresa Maria González Aja (ed.), V Congreso de Historia del Deporte en Europa, Madrid, Univ. Politécnica, 2002.


4th Congress 1999: Florence, Italy: « History of Sport and Culture »

International Congress Proceedings Florence 1999
Contact: Angela Teja


3rd Congress 1998: Copenhagen, Denmark: « The History of Physical Education & Sport from European Perspectives »

KRÜGER Arnd, TRANGBAEK Else (editors), The History of Physical Education & Sport from European Perspectives, Copenhagen, Institute of Exercise and Sports Sciences – CESH, 1999.
Contact: E. Trankbaek


2nd Congress 1997: Katowice, Poland: « Sports History and Tourism as Part of the Cultural History of Europe »

International Congress Proceedings Katowice 1997
Contact: A. Krueger


1st Congress 1996: Rome, Italy: « La comune eredità dello sport in Europa »

International Congress Proceedings Rome 1996
Contact: Angela Teja